My Babies

These two machines are my “babies”.  I’ve had my Bernina Aurora 430 sewing machine since  February of 2010.  The Bernina 7ooD the Geek gave me for Christmas 2011.

My Babies

I started with a mechanical Brother sewing machine in 1981 which was a wedding present from my parents.  I “graduated” to an Elna 7000 computerized machine after my daughter was born and I discovered heirloom sewing. My Elna finally died in late 2009.  I’ve been drooling over Bernina’s since the early 1970’s so I ran to Berry Patch.  It was the last week of the FW Stock show sale prices when I found my machine.  I wanted a mid range machine.  No quilting bells and whistles, but plenty of my heirloom stitches.  I bought a quarter inch foot and a pintuck foot along with my machine.  I love the buttonholes it makes. The first time I used the blind hem stitch I was amazed.

As for sergers, I started with a White serger in 1989.  I practically wore that one out so I traded that one in for an Elna in the early 1990’s.  I used that serger until the only stitch that would work was the cover hem.  My Bernina serger is the basic serger but I’ve used one long enough that I got what I would use.


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May 28, 2012 · 8:50 pm

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